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Why Us?

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Why Us

NO Waiting in Line!


Waiting in line is a hassle. It takes away from the experience of the evening, and time spent enjoying yourselves in your favorite bars. SkipLine Parties prides itself on ensuring that all of our clients no longer have to deal with the struggle of waits, or frustrating dealings with door staff. Remembering that in Canada, our weather is not consistent, and our winters are long, the last thing we wish to do is have to battle the elements just to get into our favorite bars. With SkipLine Parties, we provide a VIP experience that removes those complications for assurances of the best time had by all.

NO High Individual Cost


On any night out, there are costs associated with that experience. Unfortunately, they add up! If there is the intention to have some cocktails, a proactive group likely arranges for a designated transport which is typically cabs or Uber. That itself is a variable cost, but also depending on the time there could be applicable surge charges for that service. This is also not always a readily available service, there could be long wait times between pick ups as well. Add in unknown Canadian weather, it could make for a very undesirable and expensive service averaging between $15-$30!

After transportation has been arranged, you are now expected to begin your night by waiting in a line! After waiting in the line, you are expected to pay a cover charge that can average anywhere from $10-$20, only after that are you able to start your night.
Now inside the venue, you can begin enjoying your evening! After paying to get there, and also paying to get it, now you have to begin buying drinks for the remainder of the night for yourself. An average drink at any destination averages between $6.50-$7.50 per drink at a minimum. This can add up quickly! Personal bar expenditures are around $25-$45 per person by the end, if not more depending on how you choose to spend your night or if purchasing drinks for other people. It adds up REAL fast!
Now we’re at a point where you have to get home and safely. Cabs are difficult to arrange because they are free-roaming and sought after after the bars are closing making them difficult to obtain. Uber’s are much easier to get, but at this time because there are a surplus of people trying to get them, you are likely paying massive surcharges in order to get one. You could also be trying to deal with an issue of having more people that what a standard vehicle can take, and now you have to get multiple vehicles, only compounding this already arduous and expensive ordeal! Your end of night transportation now has an inflated cost of approx. $25-45!
Keeping all of these things in mind, your entire evening has a general expectation of spend to be approximately $105.00 in individual cost for an evening out for all things included! SkipLine Parties can reduce these cost, if not remove a bunch of them completely!

Low Individual Cost


Here at SkipLine Parties, we can confidently say that our services can DRASTICALLY reduce the cost associated with an average night out, and elaborate it even further by adding in the confidences of no line and no cover charges, as well as being able to upgrade the experience into premium limousine transportation, at a fraction of the cost it would have taken to book a night out on your own under the parameters we’ve laid out that we know you are all too familiar with. With a group of friends for any occasion, we can provide a full nightlife package for an average of $65 or less per person! Based on standard costs associated with a night out on your own, ensures that we can effectively get most of your money back for you, if not save you tons, while providing you a more sustainable VIP experience. Even with our standard limousine transportation, we provide complimentary VIP with no line and no cover charge which in many cases, can help pay for the limousines experience!

Nightlife Package Pre-Paid Drink Benefit


Transportation Included
Having designated transportation is important for any night out. SkipLine Parties specialized not only in the planning aspect and additional benefits for any booking we take, but we also provide transportation as a safe and enjoyable way to ensure your night is fantastic. Almost every service we provide is inclusive of premium transportation options that can accommodate any group size. In addition to vehicle accommodation, you’ll receive access to all of our complimentary benefits such as food and hotel discounts, along with VIP services such as no line and no cover charges any all of our partnered destinations, and where applicable when booking any of our Nightlife Packages, you will also receive the pre-paid drink tabs at our partnered bars and clubs!

Designated Party Hosts


As a complimentary attribution to any of our Nightlife Packages, you will receive the benefit of one of our certified party hosts! These individuals act as your bartender, your bouncer, and your babysitter for the entirety of your Nightlife Package booking! We know that your nor anyone in your group wants to feel responsible for herding around a bunch of drunken toddlers all night, so we do it for you instead. Our hosts not only ensure that all aspects of your evening run as smoothly as possible. They will manage your itinerary so you do not need to set alarms, or generally be responsible at all regarding your timeline or departures because they will not only have the DJ make an announcement to the entire bar, but they will also rally the entire group to ensure no one is left behind. Further to that, they act as your liaison between your group and the venues to ensure that not only do they adhere to your VIP, but that that you receive all of your package benefits upon arrival. There’s nothing better than a SkipLine Parties Nightlife Party Package!



Inclusive of all of our services, if you happen to be visiting any of our partnered restaurants or bars, we will also provide your group with complimentary reservations with applicable food discounts and further to that, it will also include no line and no cover at our partnered bars and clubs! No one likes lengthy wait times outside especially if the weather isn’t very nice, but further to that, the expensive cover charges for entry even after waiting in that line can be costly! Not with SkipLine Parties! In many cases, from what the group would have had to pay for entry at the bar, covers the majority if not all (and then some) of what it cost to get the limousines from us! You literally can’t find a better experience and a better price than SkipLine Parties!

Personalized Planning


With all of our services, you have the benefit of working with one of our certified booking agents. Our knowledgeable staff are well apprised of all the best places to visit on your night out, the best times, and for the best experience. Don’t know where to start? Your booking agent knows exactly the right questions to ask to help custom tailor any experience to ensure that it is the best it can be. Nowhere else can you find such a personalized booking process, with so many added and complimentary benefits than SkipLine Parties. We strive to be the most inclusive nightlife service in the city.

Easy Payment Plan


Even being the best deal in the city, we know that the numbers do add up! Knowing this, we have made it easy and accessible for you and your group to pay down the booking, without the concern for one individual to have to assume full responsibility for the balance. For example, we know that a majority of our services are shared equally amongst the attendees. As such, we’ve made it so each person can easily pay their fair share with use from our simple online invoice system. We accept all major credit cards, online debits, and even PayPal! For ease of access, a convenient link can be shared to all participants and the payments can be made without headache! All of this, along with the securing of the booking itself can be done with a small deposit of ONLY $100! SkipLine Parties ensures that all your nightlife needs are easy, affordable, and of course, FUN!

No Late-Night Surge Pricing


The “party” part of your night is easy… Then you remember, “Oh yeah, I have to get home now…”. Sounds simple enough right? Well, one option is trying to grab a cab only to realize that not only do some of them charge more for late-night service, but that there are only so many available. Waiting outside for elusive taxis, knowing that other people need them too, possible fights, or discomfort due to weather, are not fun things to have to contend with. Alternatively, there is Uber. Now that is convenient right? It is a simple app and they can find you with ease because of GPS, but unfortunately you aren’t the only one trying to use this service either. As such, you’ll find yourself having to pay additional surge pricing over the standard rates they typically charge, which could end up being anywhere from 100-200%+ more! Let’s not also forget than if you’re with your group, there may not be enough available seating for everyone. This only compounds all of these issues more, and significantly increases the expense for getting home because now you need multiple vehicles.
Have no fear, SkipLine Parties is here to save the day! Instead, one of our limousines can be easily scheduled to pick you up at the end of the night, not only conveniently, but at an affordable rate for the group where you do not need to split up, and in doing so in most cases you’ll even likely pay less than cabs or Uber! Not only can you save some money, but it is guaranteed to be there when you need it, no waits, no problems!

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