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Can I make changes to my itinerary?

Of course you can! If any changes need to be made, we will happily do so subject to availability, that includes times, vehicle size, and destinations.

Does the party host/entertainers count towards vehicle capacity?

Legal capacities of premium limousines and buses are for safety. As such, even our staff when booking Nightlife Party Packages must be taken into consideration for capacity. For example, if you book a 14 passenger stretch SUV limousine on a nightlife package, you must allow for one of those spots to include your party host.

Can I go to other locations that aren’t SkipLines partnered venues?

You are welcome to go to any location that you want during any of your services. If you are enjoying one of our Nightlife Packages, in order to get all of your benefits, only partnered venues provide no line, no cover charge, as well as food discounts, and complimentary drinks. Going to other venues is completely fine, but the schedule will only account for the times the package provides and anytime spent waiting in line upon arrival is counted towards the itinerary, which may result in your time at that location being shorter than that of one of our partnered venues.

Does my food discount include alcohol?

Our discounts unfortunately do not cover alcohol. You cannot apply discounts to alcohol legally.

Is the tip included for all parties?

The gratuity for all driving services will be seen and included on the invoice provided. However, any gratuity for your party hosts and entertainers is NOT. They do accept gratuity on the night for the services they provide. Much like a restaurant analogy: SkipLine Parties acts as your restaurant, where the staff attributed to ensuring your night is not only amazing, but fluid and stress free, are the respective “servers”, and accept gratuity for their services on the night.

Does the limo service include a liquor license?

A liquor license can be applied to any of our limousines when booking hourly services. If you book a Nightlife Package through SkipLine Parties, it already includes the liquor license for the event.

Do you service outside of city limits?

Absolutely! We will travel anywhere outside city limits. If your location is within close municipalities, there is a small “out-of-town” fee attached to the service to accommodate for driver time and fuel. If you happen to be much farther away, we will simply quote you as such for the time to come and get you.

SkipLine Parties Team

Ben Paish

Owner/Operations Manager/Party Guru

I have been in the hospitality industry for 14 years, from Security to General management. I have a love for people and creating events to remember. If you are looking for an evening out you wouldn’t be able to do on your own that costs you less then if you tried that is why I have SkipLine Parties. If you have a Wedding, Graduation, Bachelor, Bachelorette, or Birthday, SkipLine Parties is here to ensure your Premium transportation, Reservations or even Entertainment is top of the line and memorable.

SkipLine Parties experience and connections in Edmonton can save you money and give you something to tell your friends and family for years to come.

Party Host

Our Party hosts are experienced hospitality staff that love people and creating a Great time!! They are trained and carry their ProServe and ProTect certificates. The Party host is there to be your server, security,butler, time keeper, and most of all connection to all the benefits to what a Vegas inspired nightlife package includes like No line No cover, and a gift from each partered venue you go too. They essentially babysit the group in regards to time, transportation and service to create a stress free experience for an amazing night out!!

Premium Transportation

Our Drivers are licensed and trained professionals, with some of the newest fleets in Edmonton.Their professionalism and service is second to none. Hosting options in transportation from town cars to executive buses and most everything in between. Our contractors pride themselves on their service standard and that is reflected in our reviews.

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