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Limo Edmonton | How Much Tip For Limo Driver

There are many different reasons and events to hire a limo Edmonton service. Want to get to an event in style? Taking a trip out to the airport? Want to ensure your party gets to the venue at the same time? Weddings, birthdays, graduations and more are all great reasons for hiring a limousine. Whether you’re renting a luxury sedan for an hour, or a stretch limousine for an evening, one question almost everyone wants to know the answer to is how much should they tip the driver? There are a few factors to consider in order to know how much to tip.

Ensure Gratuity Is Not Already Included

When getting a quote from any limo Edmonton company like SkipLine Parties, you should always be asking if the gratuity is included. For many companies it’s standard practice, but it’s not the same across the board. Asking if gratuity will ensure you’re appropriately thanking your driver for the amazing service they provided. If the tip is already included in the price, you and your guests may feel inclined to tip even more for exceptional service, which your driver will be appreciative of.

Various Factors In Calculating Limo Tip Amount

If you discover that gratuity is not in fact included in your limo Edmonton rental, there are several considerations you should think about in order to tip an adequate amount to your driver. The first consideration is the size of the limousine. Smaller limos usually require less for the driver to do, and as a result, the tip can be smaller.

Are you taking a luxury sedan limousine out to the airport, and the driver had one pick up and drop off and very little cleaning at the end of the trip? Consider $5 to $10 a good tip. Stretch or specialty limousines will generally require a larger tip, more pick ups, and a larger area to clean at the end of the night, consider 10% to 15% of the final bill. Other factors that can act as a guide for how much to tip: the cleanliness of the vehicle, and the etiquette of the driver.

Limo Edmonton | Show Appreciation for Additional Services

Being a limo Edmonton driver is more than just driving people. The chauffeur will clean the vehicle before and after your rental. They will open doors, and help passengers get into and out of the vehicle, load luggage, ensure you have the food and drinks requested, set the atmosphere with the right music mix and lights, and be polite and charming. Depending on your rental, the driver might simply be dropping you off, or they might be waiting to take you to another venue later.

The typical rule is that the driver is not getting paid when the clients are not in the vehicle, so waiting for you is another courtesy of the driver, and it’s entirely appropriate to give them a larger tip for waiting, since they will not be earning income during that wait time. You may decide to tip more with 15% to 20% of the final bill.

Should You Tip More For a Larger Party?

A small limo Edmonton such as a luxury sedan will be able to accommodate 2 to 4 comfortably, but stretch limousines and specialty limos can seat 10 to 20 people, and it’s a commonly asked question if more people equal a larger tip. But since the driver starts getting paid as soon as the first passenger enters the vehicle, it’s not necessary. However, the more people there are the longer the rental is going to cost, and if you tip as a percentage of the total bill, that means the driver will automatically be getting a larger tip.

However, if you or your passengers believe the driver did an exemplary job, and should get even more of a tip, that’s a great way to let the driver know they are appreciated. Ensure that the extra amount is indeed additional on top of the 10% to 20% you would have calculated to tip when you booked the limousine rental.

Passengers Should Also Have Good Etiquette

While the etiquette of the driver is important, passengers should also be aware that their behaviour matters as well. You are encouraged, while renting a limo Edmonton to have fun, careless behaviour is not fun for the driver. Also keep in mind that the driver has to clean up at the end of the night, and does so without getting paid, so if you make a giant mess, that means more unpaid work, and you might want to compensate by tipping your chauffeur more.

Everyone just wants to have a great time when they rent a limo Edmonton for their special event. Drivers do their job because they love it too! So, with some planning ahead of time, you can make sure that you, your guests and the driver has a great night, and ends up with one of a kind, priceless memories of their evening out! Call SkipLine Parties today to get started with your limousine rental now!

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