Limo Edmonton | How Much is a Limo to the Airport

The days of limousines being only for the wealthy are long gone, more people are enjoying renting a limo Edmonton for special events, but also for fun and relaxation. A great example of this, is the number of people who are renting limousines to go to the airport! In fact, it makes a lot more sense to rent a limousine specifically for this task, you will not get stressed out driving through traffic, you don’t have to worry about leaving your vehicle parked at the airport, and you can relax before and after your trip!

Many people contact Limo Edmonton companies, in order to find out the costs of renting a limo to drive them out to the airport. Especially in the case of Edmonton, the airport isn’t even within city limits, and depending where in Edmonton you’re coming from, and what time of day, the ride may take you 15 minutes if you’re coming from the south side. Or longer than an hour, if you’re coming from the north during rush hour. When you hire a taxi, not only will you pay by the minute, but most taxi companies will also charge a premium for such a lengthy trip out of town.

However, if you hire a limo Edmonton company, you pay a flat rate, and usually by the hour. If you don’t need a fancy stretch limo, and can take a luxury sedan, you are most likely going to pay less than the taxi. And the bonus is that the limousine will be more relaxing, comfortable and luxurious. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, saving money and having a better time is definitely a great reason to hire a limo to take you out to the airport!

It’s An Imposition to Ask Friends To Drive You

While your friends may have no problem driving you to the airport, usually it’s an imposition. They have to take time out of their day, or take time off work. They have to pay a lot in gas to go to the airport and back, and they don’t have the added fun of going on a trip. It’s generally considered good etiquette to avoid asking your friends to make that dreaded journey for you.

Wouldn’t you rather get together with them after you get back from your trip and simply enjoy their company? Instead of imposing on your friends, just hire a limo Edmonton company to take you there and back. You don’t have to worry about disrupting your friends day, and you can fully enjoy the relaxing trip to the airport.

Save Money Take a Limo to the Airport

If someone told you that you could get to the airport in a luxury vehicle that you don’t have to drive and that it would cost less, wouldn’t you want to? By renting a limo Edmonton, that’s exactly what you get! Limousines charge by the hour, regardless of how far you travel. So especially if you are taking a limo out to the Edmonton International Airport rather than paying exorbitant prices for an uncomfortable taxi or Uber, ride in style and luxury with a limousine!

Limo Edmonton | Arrive at the Airport In Style and Comfort

Taxi cabs and Ubers aren’t necessarily known for their style and comfort. Limo Edmonton companies on the other hand are nothing but style and comfort. Not only do you get a chauffeur who will handle your luggage there and back, but they will put you at ease with their grace and charm. Inside the limo, whether it’s a stretch limo or a luxury sedan, you’ll be treated to leather seats, the highest quality leather seats, amazing multi media features. If you want to watch the hockey game, your favorite movie, listen to your music playlist on or surf the internet, you can do so on your journey to the airport.

Call the limo Edmonton company ahead of time to arrange the day and time you’ll be travelling. They will ensure they are there, on time to pick you up. Pre-arrange your pick up time on your return journey. That way, you won’t have to worry once you land back in Edmonton of trying to get a ride back home, or the stress of paying a giant bill for a cab to take you. The limo company will have their driver waiting, with a sign just for you.

They’ll load your vehicles, and you can relax after your stressful travel day. Need to switch times or days because of flight delays? Never fear – they will have a fleet of cars, and will be happy to accommodate your change of travel plans.

Airport Parking Is Expensive Or Inconvenient

However, if you were planning on driving yourself to the airport and simply paying for parking, it will benefit you to look at the price difference between a limo to the airport and paying for parking. There are many different parking options at the airport. The most convenient, of course is in the parkade, with a pedway directly to departures. You simply park, and walk to the gate. Although you will pay handsomely for that privilege.

For a week of parking in the parkade, you will pay around $200, which is more than twice the price for getting a luxury limo Edmonton service. If you want to park in the less expensive parking lot, which is a 10 minutes drive away from the airport, you’re still going to pay over $100, and will have to plan to arrive early in order to catch a shuttle, and then factor in shuttle times.

Once you’ve parked in the less expensive parking lot, chances are, you are going to come home to a cold car covered in snow, since that’s a real possibility half the year in this part of the world. Who wants to come home from a vacation, in order to wait for a shuttle, be crammed into the bus with several other strangers in order to be driven to a parking lot where you have to wander around, looking for your car, before sweeping off the snow and scraping the windows? Ugh.

Instead, arrange your limo Edmonton company to come pick you back up, and take you home so you can relax and unwind after your stressful travel day.

Think you’ll take advantage of the priority valet parking that’s new to the airport? That way, you can drive, and have your car warm and waiting when you get back? Prepare to part with a few hundred for that. It’s a much better deal to hire a limo Edmonton service, and then you don’t have to worry about that terrible drive on highway 2 at all. If there’s more than one of you travelling, you can share the cost, making hiring a limousine an even better deal!

Travel to the Airport in Comfort and Style

There are so many benefits to hiring a limo Edmonton service any time you need to head to the airport for travelling. In fact, there aren’t any downsides either! If you want to avoid the stress of driving on highway 2, you don’t want to leave your vehicle unattended at the airport. You think airport parking prices are too high, and you love the idea of travelling in comfort all while saving money, contact SkipLine Parties today to book your next airport trip. You will not be disappointed you did!

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