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Who doesn’t like parties, asks SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton! While not every party is to everyone’s liking, the right party for each person is truly a joy. And while there are endless reasons to have a party, including – or especially – no reason whatsoever! However though most of us love a party fewer people like to plan the party, and almost no one likes to clean up afterwards. The simple answer: hiring a party planner!

hire a party planner

There are many reasons why people avoid to hire a party planner. First reason is cost. People tend to assume that because they are an additional cost, they will raise the cost of their party by their entire fee. So, they try to save money, but in exchange get a massive headache. But is hiring a party planner really more expensive asks SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton. Turns out, the answer is a surprising, and resounding no!

Party Planners Are Not More Expensive

One of the first reasons why a party planner isn’t more expensive, is they will have access to industry discounts on many things you will need for your party. Are you renting tables, tablecloths, flatware, disco lights? The party planning company will take your money, full price plus deposit please. Everything from the food to the entertainment, the tables and chairs.

The party planner has a professional discount, and they pass that savings onto you. Why not, since they are getting paid through their professional fee. They will know how to haggle to get the best price, and what they can do to save a few bucks here and there to get your budget under control, while delivering a high quality event!

More reasons to hire a party planner

Another reason why a party planner will help you save money, is because they know quality, and reputation. That translates into knowing what food vendor, caterer or DJ is going to take your deposit and run, who will give subpar service and poor quality. And who will do a perfect job at your event. Hire the wrong person, and you may have to shell out bigger bucks when they fail to deliver, often at the last minute.

Save money!

But it’s not just saving money, according to SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton. And once you realize it is not going to cost you anything extra, you can feel confident that you made the right choice to hire a party planner. And there are many ways that party planners will ensure you have a great event that you can enjoy! The first reason is that they are going to do everything for you.

Limo Edmonton | Parties Are More Work Than You Realize

Planning a party is actually a huge job, and not only are you organizing venue, menu, entertainment. But you also should choose a theme, get decorations, ensure there’s enough tables and chairs, ensure there are options for people with different food requirements. It’s a lot! And when you’re running to the party supply store for the tenth time this week, you will wish you hired SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton instead! And it’s not just the party supply store, your party planner is literally your one stop shop for anything and everything for your party!

Very good connections in the industry

Since planning parties is what they do for a career, they often have connections you won’t have. They will also have a lot of knowledge in the area, from food to entertainment and even venues says SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton.

While you’re pricing out various halls, a professional party planner is looking at places such as the Muttart Conservatory, The Edmonton Riverboat, the pirate ship in West Edmonton Mall, The Alberta Art Gallery, Edmonton Valley Zoo, Fort Edmonton Park, John Walter Museum,  The Telus World of Science, Alberta Aviation Museum, Crash Hotel, the Whitewood Barn or Labyrinth Lake Lodge just to name a few unique places, to ensure your party is one-of-a-kind.

Different way of thinking

They bring creativity in droves! That’s not to say you aren’t creative, or your ideas aren’t enough. But they’ve brought to life interesting and unique themes multiple times. They know what to do in order to bring a theme to life, and help the party feel like an event, where your guests are taken somewhere new. They even help you come up with a theme that will tie your event together, complete with menu, drinks, décor and activities to fit the theme, the celebration and the age of the attendees.

Hire A Party Planner That Has A Unique Expertise

Attention to detail is important, and your party planner care for every detail, without you having to lift a finger. And when something goes wrong? It’s not your headache. Not only do party planners get paid to take care of things when they don’t go according to plan, they are better equipped for it! They have connections and creative solutions that you will never have thought of, and do it without anyone realizing there was a problem in the first place, says SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton.

Finally, the most compelling reason you should hire a party planner, says SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton, is it will allow you to enjoy your own event! You’re not throwing a party so you can stress the entire time! You’re having this celebration to inspire joy, connect with family and friends, to bring people together and blow off steam! You can’t do that if you are caring for every detail.

Let them deal with issues, like running out of appetizers, or if your entertainment cancels, or what to do if more people show up than expected. You can relax create memories with your guests, SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton should know!


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