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Welcome back to the Skip Line parties YouTube channel. My name is Trevor and I’m here with Ben from Skip Line Parties all around. Great guy, party guru. And what’s, what’s one of your nicknames? Well, some people call me Part Bear, Panda Bear, Kung fu Panda kind of has that Jack Black look about him, doesn’t he? I do get that every Now and then.

And he’s the guy that is gonna share some information today about pub crawls. Done the right way. I’m gonna start off with a quote from Dale Carnegie. An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing, right? So when it comes to planning a pub crawls, planning a party, you’re the guy to talk to, isn’t It? A hundred percent.

A lot of people don’t realize the amount of cogs that go into a smooth, fun, stress-free evening. There is between setting up transportation, connecting with venues, making sure management security IDs and just making sure the whole group is safe and happy. There’s a lot that goes into it. So it’s, it’s hard for some people if they don’t have a party host or some of our services to be able to guide that through.

Awesome. And you know what else is great? You guys hold some pretty amazing pub crawls, so we’re gonna talk about those pub crawls today. But first I’m gonna talk about a nice statistic we got from whole dance parties in Texas. Partying with others can reduce stress. Being around others allows you to focus on something greater than yourself and your problems.

This is why I smile so much, Right? It also can give you an opportunity to learn about others’ dilemmas and thank God for your small defeats, right? So, I mean, you don’t always have it as bad as somebody else. You can always find somebody with a bigger problem, bigger muscles, you know, bigger smile. You can always find someone who’s better looking than you. What, what can I say?

Here’s a lot one’s right Here. Oh my goodness. hahaha, stop it. Stop it. Make Me blush. Okay. Hey, Ben. Yeah. How have pub crawls been done? Traditionally, pub crawls are just one offs. They show up and you hope you get on, you hope you don’t miss the bus, and then you go to the next stop and you hope you don’t miss the bus again. So, with Skip lines, the biggest difference with that is we always ensure we get all of our guests together and we even shut down the music just to make sure you guys feel like vip to get everybody on there.

That’s pretty awesome. I think that you know, everybody should try one of skip line parties, ultimate pub crawls or one of their nightlife events. You can even book one yourself, which we’ll talk about a little bit later. Next question about Pub Crawls. Done the right way is what are some of the common problems with how they’ve been done in the past?

Common problems, just lack of training for staff members. Mm-Hmm, lack of knowledge of venues that they’re going to, or the itinerary and just lack of planning ahead of time. There’s a lot of cogs that go into moving thousands of people or hundreds of people in regards to making sure everybody has a smooth, safe evening. And that’s something that we pride ourselves on.

Awesome. I love that.

Now, how do you know where the best places are to go for a pub crawl?

Well, you know, I go out every now and then I try and keep relevant in the industry. So I’ve Been lucky. It’s, it’s market research, right? Market research. Market Research, market research, okay. So I’ve been lucky enough to make some great friendships and good acquaintances throughout all of Edmonton’s industry.

And with that, visiting them, just having meetings in the evenings, because it’s always Friday, Saturday when you wanna meet somebody to see how everything’s going. We get to know exactly what type of music’s playing, what type of DJs, how they’re running their room, if they have dance floors or not, if they have security or not, what type of vibe they’re feeling and what type of age demographic. So it gives us this ultimate knowledge to be able to plan something perfectly for your groups.

Okay. Now let’s talk a little bit about the transportation. How are you able to secure the type of transportation that you have, whether it’s you know, large limousines, buses, you know, these types of things. How do you go about doing that for your pub crawls?

For sure. So we have a long list of contractors that have been working with us for years. They’ve been moving forward with us just because one, we do large volumes, and two, we vet everyone that comes through the group. So everyone really enjoys going through because we have a premium transportation service because we focus on how the vehicles are kept, how they look, and then also our professionalism of the drivers.

That’s excellent. I know if I was ever to go on a pub crawl, they a bit old for them now, but if any of my kids were gonna go on a pub crawl, I want ’em to go with you guys because you not only make sure that they have good transportation, you’ve got lots of, there lots of people there to help make sure that everyone’s safe and looked after a hundred percent. I think that is very key especially in, you know, going around in a big city, right? Going to a big party with hundred People through Covid, Right?

18 year olds. If you turned 18 at the beginning of Covid, you had two years with no idea on what’s going on in the bar industry. So everything is just fresh as a daisy. So when it comes to that, we now have three different years of 18 year olds that never actually had a chance to go out and party, right? So the parents, it’s a little more concerning. Mm-Hmm,

You wanna make sure they’re taken care of.

You wanna make sure that there’s someone leading the way for them and helping ’em make better decisions because, you know, little, couple wobbly pops and somebody likes to wander on the road and that’s what we’re there to make sure never happens.

Exactly. And that’s, that’s really good. Very, very comforting for people organizing these groups or being part of when you pub crawls. Next question I’ve got here is, why should somebody consider using a registered provider like yourself? Yep. Instead of attempting to plan a bar crawl by yourself, everything’s

About knowing the right person. Mm-Hmm. So the best example that we always give is being industry ourself in the nightlife. When our friends would come outta town and they would join us, we would know where the best spots were to go. We would know what the funnest things are to do.

So we would be able, we guide that and ensure that the evening is either going to go smoothly or you’re going to be doing the things you actually want to do. And you don’t get caught in a scenario where you show up to town and you’re doing something you’re not enjoy.

I see. So making sure that you have, basically it’s about relationships and connections. Yep. And knowing the ins and outs of like, you know, legality and Yep. These type of things. And it’s, it’s pretty nice to walk by a 200 person lineup and go straight in. It’s about who you Know. That helps. That helps a lot. Right? so the following question I’ve got to that is,

What are some of the benefits of doing a pub crawls with skip line parties?

Well, the benefits actually is we have a lot of intrinsic benefits that the bars provide us just because we’ve been working with them for so long and we value their business and they value our business. So they give us benefits that an average Joe that’s just showing up would never even have the option of getting.

So when you’re looking at your packages, you, you can talk to your host or talk when you’re booking with skip line parties and they’re going to explain to you what your options are for extra benefits that can be given to you and that’s going to add to your evening.

And a lot of the time, those benefits are things that you’re gonna spend money on anyway. Right? So on average, usually just as an example, our nightlife packages can save each person on that on that nightlife experience, 60 to $85 per person on things they would’ve spent either way, if it’s drinks, if it’s cover, if it’s cabs, et cetera.

Mm-Hmm right? So there is quite a bit of savings that can be had by organizing a party with you guys doing one of your organized pub crawls as well. Now let’s get into the next question here. It says, what is included in one of your professionally planned parties or pub crawls with skip line parties? A hundred percent. Get into some of that.

So when you’re planning one of your nightlife packages, you get four locations and each location, you’re going to get intrinsic value that’s determined by our partnered venue. And the host is going to be there the entire night. So what the host is going to do for you, they’re gonna make sure that you, everyone stays together, you get all your benefits. And the biggest thing, like our name says, skip the line. When you hit those popular bars that everyone’s dying to get into, you walk straight in.

So when we’re going venue to venue and we have walking crawls, we have driving crawls, you’re going to have that host to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that it’s a quick transition from location to location with your four stops.

Tons of added value

That is fantastic. And some of the benefits, he’s, he’s kind of shy in mentioning what they are. Sometimes it can be discount on food, can be free first drink, that kind of a thing just to get the night going. Yeah. And also depending on the package that you choose, you can get a complimentary bottle of bubbly for your Group.

You can get bubbly. We have gift certificates that venues give us. We also have deals with hotels. Just if you are coming in from outta town and you want to save a little, a couple dollars when you’re booking, let us know. We have three different hotels that work very well with us and take care of our customers every day. There you go.

So next question for you, Ben, is let’s talk about the average cost.

Okay? Average cost of a bar crawl for your customers versus somebody else doing it on their own.

For sure. So the costs, doing it on your own, you’re going to be paying cover charge. You’re going to be paying for either the transportation to and from in between. You’re going to be paying for every drink that you get, and you’re going to also be wasting time, which everyone says time is money. Mm-Hmm. So with that, you get to avoid those lines. You get to get those benefits, and then you move forward and you’re good to go.

I love that. You know, there, there’s no good reason why anybody should not book a party with Skip line. They, they know what they’re doing. They’ve got the experience, they’ve got the expertise, they have the relationships, they’ve been doing it for a number of years. And if you are looking for a great time a fun time and a safe time, hook up with these guys, they know what the heck they’re doing,

We’ll take care of You. Now, the final question I’ve got here is the most important question.

How the heck do people get signed up with SkipLine?

Very simple. Go online. We have an easy quotation system. You can get your quote quickly, and then if you’re looking for a rush, give us a call. Don’t be scared to dial us up. A lot of people in the younger years, they prefer texting. That’s okay too. Our number, you can text as well. If you are looking for a quick quote or you’re looking for a party tonight, you give us a call right away and we’ll set you up.

There you have it, folks. So all you gotta do is talk with Ben here at Skip line. You can go through the website, you can call, text, email, smoke, signal, just about any possible way to get in touch with them. And they will get back with you and provide you with a very accurate quote for you. And depending on the size of your group, the, the transportation as well. So thank you so much for joining us today in this video. We have a lot more coming up in the future. Thank you.

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