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Getting your closest friends together to have a great night out is always a blast, says limo Edmonton. However, organizing the night out, getting everyone together and figuring out where to go is a huge headache! Nobody wants their fun evening out to be preceded by stress. Usually it’s one person’s job to figure everything out, and when people complain, it’s a huge let down.

have a great night out

This is why SkipLine Parties created their party packages, starring rides in a limo Edmonton! They have thought of every detail, to ensure you and your friends have the best time. And best of all? You don’t need to be celebrating any special event, because the packages are priced just right, so that any night can be your perfect party night

Often when friends get together to have fun, blow off steam and celebrate, once you get to where you’re going, you have to stand in a long line to get in. And once you’re in, you have to stand in lines for drinks, and it can be a huge let down! Instead, get a customized party package with SkipLine and limo Edmonton, and the wait times are non-existent!

When you arrive, in your very own limousine, you get ushered in with absolutely no cover charge, just like a VIP, because let’s face it – you are! Eliminate the standing around and waiting, and get right to the fun part! Once inside, get a complimentary drink, so you can focus on having fun with your friends!

Don’t DIY Your Own Party!

Not only are the prices great, but you also get a personalized party host. This makes a huge difference in your evening out. Many groups who try to facilitate their own evening out, usually end up trying to keep track of everyone. This can suck the fun out of the night for the person trying to keep track of everyone, and can be a damper on the entire evening for everyone else too. With your VIP party package, you will have a host who will ensure everyone is on the same page, and having the best time partying and having fun!

Have the exact night out you want with us! Don’t choose from a pre-planned evening that may not be your style! At the SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton website you can choose every detail of your night out! On the Create Party tab of the website, you can ensure all the details are cared for.

From the type of party, where you want to go, how much you want to spend and more! There is a video tutorial online if you have any questions. Then all you need to do is get ready, and you and your friends can hop in the limo Edmonton that shows up!

Limo Edmonton | The Perfect Evening Out

Don’t know what you want to do? No problem, we have a number of events and parties happening all the time. Why party with your friends alone, when you can be joined by groups of other partiers to meet and mingle with! Visit the events page on the SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton website to find the event to best fit your group. That way, you don’t have to make any decisions, and still party like a VIP!

Other reasons to choose SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton include: we have partnerships with all the best bars, pubs and clubs in Edmonton. You want to party at the best, and we have the access! Not only that, but with our partners, we offer exclusive discounts, so your evening out doesn’t have to break the bank!

You never have to wait in line, and you get your very own party host to ensure you are taken care of properly. Not only is the pricing right, and within your budget, but we help by ensuring you have discounts wherever you go, keeping your cost down, and the level of fun high.

Great Parties From Beginning To End

Not only that, but with our partnerships, you can get the best start of your evening, with dinner reservations. And then you get a discount when you dine with one of our official partners. Choose from an amazing variety of high quality restaurants Whether you start the night with just a few, and meet up with your group once you get to the venue, or you’re starting the night big, we have you covered in every way.

And at the end of the night, we ensure you get home safely, we can arrange limo Edmonton to pick you up and take you anywhere you want to go. No more waiting for cabs or Ubers in the cold, or calling your friends who didn’t come out to pick you up. And nobody should ruin the ending of their evening by walking home. Instead, trust us to ensure you get the great ending your evening deserves. And if you decide to not go directly home, we provide discounted room rates at hotels that are our official partners, close to where your party just ended.

Contact Us Today!

When you’re ready to have fun, don’t let mishaps steal your enjoyment! Party right with us! Call us, or visit our website at and we will help you have the best night ever, whether you’re celebrating a special event, or just the end of a long week! Call your friends, and then call us!

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