Limo Edmonton | Things You Shouldn’t Do In An Edmonton Limousine

For many people, getting the opportunity to ride in a Edmonton limousine is a special occasion. For many, it’s a rare treat, for special once in a lifetime events. Whether it’s for your graduation, wedding, anniversary, or any other special occasion, it’s always a treat. Not only do you not have to drive, find parking or get to arrive wherever you’re going with your family or friends. But you get doors opened for you, enjoy your guests in the back, and get the party started early! To make the ride an enjoyable one for everyone, make sure you pay attention to limousine etiquette.

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While you can have many people in a Edmonton limousine vehicle, regular stretch limousines can accommodate up to eight people. SUV limousines can take up to 20 people, but trying to cram in more people than a limo can handle is not only uncomfortable, since you will be in your formal wear. But it is dangerous and illegal. The driver has to also ensure the safety of each passenger, so if you show up with more people than can the limo is allowed, not everyone is riding. Know how many people you are transporting before you book!

Have Fun On Your Way To The Party

One of the benefits of hiring Edmonton limousine services is that you can start the party early. Limousines can be licensed to carry alcohol, so a celebratory champagne toast, or a drink on the way to your event can be enjoyable. However, underage drinking is still not allowed, no matter what. Even if parents are present, the Edmonton limousine service and driver can get into legal troubles. It’s not worth the hassle, ensure only those over 18 imbibe.

One thing that any movie with a limo shows, is at some point, characters will open the sunroof, and sit on the edge, or stand up, out of the sunroof. While this looks fun, it’s done under close supervision for a movie, which is fictional. If you do this in your limo, you could get hurt! There are many ways you could get injured, even from the vehicle hitting a bump, and you falling into the side of the sunroof, or more! As well, it’s really not as fun as it looks, there’s nothing to hold on to, and besides! The party and your guests are IN the limo, you should be enjoying their company!

Have Fun Safely With An Edmonton Limousine

If you really want to experience the fun of popping out of a limousine sunroof, you can ask your Edmonton limousine driver. After you’re arrived at your destination, they will be more than happy to open the sunroof, and take some safe photos of you and your guests enjoying the sunroof. That way, you can have your fun, have a great photo for social media, in a way that’s safe for you, your guests and your driver.

While you can have fun in a limousine, that is not synonymous with leaving a mess or damaging property. Be mindful of not getting out of hand during your limo ride, while it seems very spacious, there are many valuable things inside the Edmonton limousine vehicles, like television screens, wet bar, stereo system, leather seats just to name a few things. Be mindful of yourself and leave garbage or trash in the provided receptacles. There’s nothing worse, than getting a cleaning bill because of the mess or damage you cause a Edmonton limousine vehicle.

No Waiting To Get Picked Up

As well, there will be drinks flowing in the Edmonton limousine vehicle, and the limo will be driving. This means stopping, starting and turning. Your drinks, if you are not careful can spill. Be mindful of your outfits, and be mindful of the interior of the Edmonton limousine vehicle. If there is a spill, let your driver know. Once your fun night is done, your limousine will be there to help ensure you get home safely.

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