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Celebrating special events can be almost anything, says SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton. From big life milestones, like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations and achievements. But small things are worth celebrating as well! Finishing a project, getting a promotion, reaching a personal goal, or just being able to get all your friends together can warrant a party! Not only can you be celebrating special events both large and small, but studies have shown that it’s actually healthy to have celebrations often in your life!

Celebrating special events

For one, celebrations can change our individual focus. All too often, we can become weighed down with life’s challenges, big and small. The daily grind can wear away at us emotionally, mentally and even physically. Celebrations in our life, both big and small allows us to develop an attitude of gratitude in life. Not only can a more positive attitude help us appreciate what we have, but a joyful outlook in life can actually change our brain’s chemistry for the better, says SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton.

Celebrations Help Our Brains

That’s not just lip service, according to SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton. When we think of things that make us happy, our brain actually creates, and then releases serotonin as a result. And what does serotonin do in our brain? We feel happier, calmer, less anxious, more focused and more emotionally stable. A positive outlook can actually make us happier, do better work, be a better parent and partner. And when we get into the habit of celebrating special events both big and small, we naturally cultivate this kind of outlook in our life.

Break the monotony of everyday life

Another reason to get into the habit of celebrating special events? It gives us something to look forward to, says SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton. It’s actually quite beneficial for our mental health, according to the experts. It gives our brain a boost, and is a way to break up the monotony of our routine. Simply having something we are looking forward to in joy can help us redirect our anxious feelings into fun anticipation. This is actually a great argument for why you shouldn’t wait to celebrate only large events! By creating small celebrations, you give your brain something fun to focus on.

Limo Edmonton | Every Day Is A Day To Celebrate

Celebrating special events

Celebrating special events gives us a measure of control in an uncertain world. We have so many external factors in our life dictating what we do. From work routines and deadlines, our family’s schedules, and an increasingly worrisome world, with the recent pandemic, according to SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton. And then events like accidents and sensationalistic news stories, can have us feeling like we aren’t in control of our lives.

That feeling can give us anxiety and trigger our fear, grief and anger. However, creating a celebration can help us regain the feeling of control. We can pick what we do, who we surround ourselves with, ensuring that those who will have the best impact on us can be the ones to help us feel like we do have agency in our world.

The fourth reason to create celebrations big and small in your life, is that it helps to inspire your creativity. And while many people think they aren’t creative, or they don’t need to worry about creativity because they aren’t an artist, writer, musician, painter or poet. SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton says that creativity is more than pursuing an activity that most of the world looks at as creative. Creativity is actually a survival advantage, and important to our life. Creativity is what allows everyone to be able to adapt to different and even changing environments. It allows us to handle new situations well.

Inspire Your Creative Side

Celebrating special events

A creative mind is what helps us decide to take a new route home, instead of being stuck in traffic. Or to be able to change what we were making for dinner, when we realize we can’t make what we planned. It allows us to thrive, rather than getting stressed. Celebrating special events, especially smaller ones, allows us to grasp the joy in the unexpected, and have new experiences, which contributes to our ability to be creative. Are you feeling particularly stuck at work, or with a project at home? Create an event to celebrate with SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton, and watch the ripple effect in your life!

The message is clear to SkipLine Parties and Limos Edmonton: celebrating is important! So when you feel like you’re in a slump, you’re feeling out of control, or you have negative energy, create a celebration! Celebrate the fact that it’s Friday, groundhog day, national wine day, best friend’s day, national selfie day, celebrate the full moon, your new shoes, or anything else! Mark it on your calendar, and begin the countdown! Invite all your most important people get SkipLine Parties and Limo Edmonton to host, and get ready for that important serotonin boost in your life!

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