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Calgary Limousine | How Much to Rent a Limo In Calgary

A common misconception people have about renting a Calgary limousine is that it’s cost prohibitive. However, nothing could be further from the truth! Not only is it cost effective, but it’s safer, more comfortable, allows you and your friends and family to travel together. You can avoid the hassle of finding parking, eliminate the need for paying for parking, and you will never have to sit in a cold car, waiting for it to warm up.

Limousines Are Cost Effective

One reason why more people don’t rent limousines is because they think the cost will be out of their budget, therefore they don’t even look into the cost. However, when looking at the cost of renting a Calgary limousine compared to the other options, most people will find that it’s not only within their price range, but also less expensive than what they had planned on doing instead. One of the first things to do in order to calculate the cost, is know how many people need transportation. Members of a wedding party, bachelor or bachelorette party, and birthday parties for example will most likely require a stretch limousine.

There are different sizes of stretch limos, seating six to eight on the small end, up to 18 to 20 people, before getting into a party bus size. The difference in price for each size up is about $25. And if each member of the party is going to help pay, which is quite common for bachelor and bachelorette parties for example, the largest stretch limo that seats 20, each person will pay less than $10. If the host was going to pay for taxi rides for everyone instead, that amount would be quadrupled. Limousines are actually quite cost effective when looking at the actual prices.

Limousines Are Safe

Another reason why people might want to consider renting a Calgary limousine, is that it’s safer. Rather than having 6 to 20 of your guests on the road before and most importantly after your event, either driving themselves after a full night of partying, or taking a cab home, that’s still many more vehicles on the road, at a time of night or early morning that accidents are quite common. Instead, they could all travel together, in the safe luxury of a Calgary limousine, minimizing drivers on the road, and eliminating the number of errors that could happen.

According to the statistics, very few traffic accidents involving limousines happen, with 12 limo crashes happening within a five year span. When looking at the types of accidents, most of the limousine accidents are when the limo is rear ended. With safety stats like this, not only are you ensuring your guests and party members get home in comfort, but get home safely as well.

Calgary Limousine | Limos Are Comfortable

Limousines used to be considered the pinnacle of luxury – only attained by the rich and famous. While Calgary limousines are considerably more commonplace and accessible, their luxury cannot be understated. There are many features that make limousines desirable even today. Some luxury features you can expect include premium leather seats. Imagine sitting on soft, supple leather seats heat and cool each chair independently! Then there is climate control, keeping you and your guests in perfect comfort whether it’s the coldest winter or hottest summer!

Of course, no Calgary limousine service is complete without a professional chauffer. Not only will they open doors, but they will load and unload any luggage, greet your guests, and have all the tools to deal with a break down, without having to call AMA! They will be the ones responsible for ensuring you and your guests have a great time while in the limousine. And what limo ride would be complete without refreshments? Luxury limos have fully equipped bars, serving your guests their choice of drink. And since you’re not driving, have a glass of wine or champagne to celebrate – this is YOUR day!

Other luxury elements include high tech features, such as great speakers, whether you’re listening to the perfect party tunes, or chatting with loved ones who couldn’t be there. There are television screens and internet connection, to watch videos, your favorite show or movie even if it’s simply for ambiance. Fun lights make this a perfect way to party before you even arrive! Of course, there is the partition between you and the chauffer to ensure you have privacy, the partition can be lowered, or communicate with them directly through the intercom. Tinted windows completes your privacy, so you don’t have to feel like you’re on display while on your way.

Limousines Are Convenient

Who wants to start their party or vacation by waiting for a taxi? Or getting stuck in traffic? No one! That’s why by hiring a Calgary limousine, you can have a luxury vehicle warm and waiting for you, whenever you want to leave. Any stress you have will melt away, travelling in comfort and luxury. As well, you won’t have to even worry about finding parking, paying for parking or parking a long distance away from where you’re going and eliminate the very possibility of parking tickets!

Instead, you will be dropped off right to the door of your event. At the end of the evening, don’t take a long, cold walk to your car, your limousine will be waiting at the door to take you home, or at least your next destination.

Limousines Elevate Your Experience

Simply put, renting a Calgary limousine is a great idea for all reasons. It’s cost effective, a safe way to travel, especially in groups, they are convenient and comfortable. When you are planning your next event or party, or simply are looking for a way to get across town, contact SkipLine Parties to see if limo travel works for you! Limousines are not just for the rich and famous, but for anyone who deserves some relaxation and luxury!

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