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Calgary Limousine | How Much is a Limo to the Calgary Airport

While limousines may seem like a luxury, there are many instances where hiring a limousine is not only safer, it’s more fun and often the most cost effective option! In this article, we will look at renting a Calgary limousine, the reasons why and what types of costs you can expect. While it’s up to you, what mode of transportation you take to any given destination, you will find out that travelling in luxury and style is attainable by anyone, making your day extraordinary!

One of the most common requests people ask Calgary Limousine companies, is what is costs to take a limo out to the airport. Airports in most cities are out of the way, and take a longer time to get to. There are many options you have when it comes to getting to the airport for a flight. You can absolutely drive there yourself, and park.

Unfortunately, airport parking is quite expensive. And even if you opt for one of the cheaper parking options, not only is it still not that cost effective, but it’s also usually blocks away from the airport, and you’re left at the mercy of a shuttle bus taking you and your luggage. Once you get back, you now have to find your vehicle, and half of the year, it’s covered in snow. Hardly a fun option to travel back to.

Don’t Ask Friends to Drive You to the Airport

Another option to get out to the airport is asking a friend to drive you. While many of us have friends or family who are more than happy to go out of their way. But depending on where you and your friends live, many people are not eager to ask their friend to go hours out of their way to pick you up, drive you to the airport, and then do it in reverse when you get home. Not only is gas expensive, and you will want to reimburse them this cost at least.

But In addition to the distance and price of fuel, your flights might be very early in the morning, or very late at night, disrupting your friend or family’s sleep schedule, or they might even be at work. Therefore, it’s not really a viable option to exploit the kindness of your friends or family this way.

Hire A Limousine to go to the Airport

The most popular way to get to an airport is by taxi. But as previously mentioned, airports are usually a fair distance away, and getting to them can be time consuming. Therefore, not only does it cost a lot when you pay by the minute for a taxi to take you out to the airport. But most taxi companies will also charge a premium just for driving out to the airport in the first place. That means that this is also not a cost effective option for getting to the airport. And while it’s the most common method of travel to take at the start of your journey, it leaves many people wondering if there’s a better option.

The good news is that yes! There IS a better option, namely hiring Calgary Limousine companies. While many people associate limos with travel method by the rich and famous, renting a Calgary Limousine is more cost effective than many people realize, especially when looking at the cost compared to paying for airport parking or taking a taxi. And getting to the airport in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere is more fun than imposing on your friends. Let’s look at the specifics:

Calgary Limo Service | Taking A Limousine to the Airport Makes Sense

When you hire a Calgary Limousine, you hire them for a set amount of time, as opposed to taxi companies that charge you by the minute. It also doesn’t matter how far you travel when you hire a limousine to take you to the airport. Can you get from your house to the airport in an hour? Then that’s all you pay. Taxi companies will also charge a premium just for the honour of driving to the airport, something that you don’t have to worry about with a limousine rental.

Something else to keep in mind – while many people might associate limousines with the stretch variety, you don’t necessarily need something that large. A sedan style limousine for example may be more appropriate for one to four passengers and their luggage. While a taxi service may require you pay for a passenger van to transport up to four passengers and their luggage to the airport. Depending on where in Calgary you are travelling from, the limousine can be much less expensive – around $75 flat rate for the trip, as opposed to $100 or more, depending on traffic. Certainly a compelling case to rent a Calgary limousine to get you to the airport in style!

Airport Parking Is Expensive Or Inconvenient

If you are thinking of driving yourself to the airport, and paying for parking, take a look at how long you will be gone for, since the longer your trip, the more you will pay in parking. If you park at the terminal, it’s definitely the most convenient, but there’s a price for that convenience. Prices range from $29 per day, or $125 per week, so if your trip is longer than four days, already it’s less expensive to take a Calgary limousine to the airport.

And while there are other parking options, they aren’t much more economical, and far less convenient. One of the most popular lots to park at is only $10 a day to park at, which if your trip is a week, is the same price as renting a Calgary Limousine. But the parking lot is 2 kilometers away from the airport, and you must wait for a shuttle to take you to the airport. They recommend adding about half an hour of wait time to your travel day. So much for convenience! For the same price, you can travel directly to your departing gate in style and luxury.

Travel to the Airport in Comfort and Style

Another benefit of a Calgary limousine company instead of parking at the airport is that when you return there’s no half an hour wait for the shuttle, only to get to your car, that half the year will be frozen and covered in snow. Instead, you can simply book the limousine to be at the airport at the same time you arrive, and travel home in relaxation and comfort. You also get to eliminate the stress of navigating through traffic. Honestly, the choice is a very easy one. Contact SkipLine Parties Calgary today to arrange your Calgary limousine rental to the airport, whether you are travelling for business or pleasure!

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