Make the most out of your limousine experience!

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Party Bus

Renting a limo can turn any event into a fun and memorable experience. If you’re looking for stylish, safe and comfortable transportation for your night out you owe it to yourself to book a stretch limo or party bus. If you’re currently considering your transportation options, you’ll realize that our nightlife package offers the best value for your money. Naturally we want all of our customers to enjoy their time with us, so we’ve provided a list of useful tips for you to make the most of your limo rental:

Book the Right Limo

Do you have a small group? One of our 10 passenger stretch limousines might be the perfect fit for you! Do you have a group of 20-24 people? The absolute best way to celebrate your special event is with a party bus because you can stand up in it and even add a stripper pole if you’re feeling ambitious.

Remember to Plan Ahead

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with scheduling your limo ride in advance, and this is particularly important if you’re looking to celebrate something special and if there’s a larger group of people involved. You might not be able to get a precise headcount until later on, but if you’ve got the time and date set, you can still make a tentative booking to ensure that the vehicle you want is still available.

Enjoy a Custom Playlist

No one wants to listen to the radio in a party bus. Every group has songs that remind them of good times they’ve had so take the time to plan a playlist that fits your friends and the occasion.

Party Bus

Pick Your Route

You’re most likely going to have an end destination in mind, but it’s also important for you to determine the specific route you’ll prefer to take on your way there. Our party planning experts are happy to walk you through all the options and to help customize your night including dinner, hotels and a wide variety of venues.

Ask About Refreshments

If you’re booking a limo or party bus hourly there may be an additional cost for a liquor license, but if you’re booking the Privilege Parties nightlife package then it’s always included. There are a lot of times in life that call for sobriety, but a limo adventure with your friends probably isn’t one of them, so always ask your provider about their alcohol policy.

Select a Reputable Car Service

If you’re looking for discounted rates and super special packages, you’ll definitely find them. However, that isn’t the only thing you should be looking for when it comes to renting a limo for an important occasion. Our limo service has been in the business for enough years to see a lot of providers come and go and we have always maintained a steady stream of satisfied customers over the years. You can also rest assured that our chauffeurs and party hosts are some of the best in the industry so you can definitely enjoy your time with us today. We’re definitely interested in letting you experience the ride of a lifetime, so don’t hesitate to reach out.